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The Art of Creativity

In a small rural studio in the heart of Perthshire, the kettle is on, a box of biscuits is open and the hours are wiling away as handmade gifts are being created.

From design-led ceramics to tweed inspired hand knits, talented artists work hand-in-hand with adults with disabilities and people recovering from mental health problems. It is a magical space full of laughter and creativity, where scraps of ideas adorn the walls and offset the buzz of productivity.

The organisation, artspace Scotland, was the brainchild of Irene Watson, a renowned painter and public artist who wanted to work with her young family and the local community to create craft and artwork. After several years of training by Irene and her staff, the group set sail and launched the social enterprise, trading as “artspace”.

Concentrating on small sized gifts that are inspired by vintage lace and the Scottish landscape; tweed and heather; biscuits and cakes, the work captures the reassuring sense of the studio as well as the laughter.

A testament to the quality of the craftwork is the fact that the orders have quickly poured in and a larger studio is already being sought. Local craft outlets in Perthshire were first to snap up the beautiful hanging boats, delicate brooches and trendy hand knitted “sleevies”.

Now the work is a hot topic on the Internet and national suppliers have taken up an interest. artspace and Irene hope that buying a piece of work made by artspace gives a ‘feel-good’ factor especially knowing that the profit goes back into supporting more people on their road to recovery.

Come to stand K6 to the work of artspace. There is a free ceramic gift for every trade order over £100.

Tel: 01738 587565 www.handmadeartspace.com Stand K6